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Gold Text Tutorial

1. Make new image (The image you see is 150x75 pixels)
2. Make new layer. Choose Layer from the menu bar and click "new", click "ok"
3. Choose foreground colour gold. I have used R=151, G=114, B=71
4. Choose text button (The capital A on toolbar)
5. Click in centre of new image (ensure you are on layer 1) and type text using font and size you desire (I have used Lucida Blackletter bold at 48pts) It is a good idea to choose a font that has some width. Click "ok"
6. Go to Selections on menu bar and click "select none"
7. Go to Layers on menu bar and click "duplicate"
8. Go to Colors on menu bar and 'adjust', click "brightness/contrast". Brightness=47% Contrast=18%, click "ok"
9. Go to Image on menu bar and 'Blur', click "motion blur". Direction 0 degrees Intensity 5 pixels. Click "ok". Repeat.
10. Ensuring background is not visible (turned off on the layers palette) Go to Layers on menu bar and 'Merge', click "merge visible"
11. Change foreground colour to white and choose Image from the menu bar. Go to 'other' and click "hot wax coating"
12. Change layer to background by clicking 'background' on layers palette and make background colour whatever colour you wish.
13. Go to File on menu bar and 'Save As' if you wish to save the psp file or 'Save copy as' if you only wish to save that individual graphic. Jpg is usually the format I choose to save my files as.

PS. If you do save the psp file this gives you the opportunity to change the colour of the text from gold to whatever colour is needed by clicking on the merged layer (the layer with the text) in the layers palette and go to Colors on menu bar, 'Adjust' and click "red/green/blue". Play with it and see what you can do.

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Copyright Sherrie Thompson 1999
all rights reserved

Posted 29 April 1999
Last Updated 30 May 1999