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An ICQ Users List for 10-15 year olds

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The Junction has chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication between its members. ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else. We encourage all members to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ numbers. We will list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page. All members of The Junction are included in the list below by default. To omit your name from the list please email Shez.

Thank you.

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ICQ List Name: The Junction
Description / Purpose:
help 10-15 year olds find each other
Searchable Keywords:
kids, children, young, teens, ICQ, friends
Relevant Categories : Age Groups
ICQ ListMaster: Shez - ICQ# 7778134
Number Of Users:
List Created On: 14/05/98
Last Updated On: 28/04/99

To be added to this List: [EMAIL] or [PAGE] Shez with your Nickname, age, ICQ # and a few interests.

Please ask your Parents if it is ok for you to submit your ICQ #.

After you join this list I suggest you play the Internet Safety Game at KidsCom (Just for Fun Section)

List Guide
User Name List Member wishes to be known by
ICQ # Pretty obvious isn't it? :-)
Contact Message =  To get in touch with ICQ 
EmailExp = To get in touch without using ICQ
Remarks Some details of the List Members interests

User ICQ # Contact Remarks
Silk - 11 11507372 Message 
Art, music, cooking, computers
Dove - 10 11507709 Message  
Fairies, reading, animals
Amanda - 10 13097087 Message 
Swim, fish, Girl Scouts & cats
Rick - 12 13097207 Message  
Fish, computer, nintendo, swim & ride bike
Jerry - 10  13097347 Message  
Climb trees, science stuff, Cub Scouts, read, play & computers
Chaos- 13  9214620 Message  
Fishing, professional wrestling, Magic The Gathering, TV
BJ - 10  14381478 Message  
Surfing, karate, swimming, soccer, nippers
Youngster - 11  13983405 Message  
Netball, badminton, tap dancing, music (Spice Girls), Leo DiCaprio, pets- guinea pig, turtle, cat and sea monkeys
Michelle -11
Alya - 12
14704712 Message  
bike riding, roller blading, swimming, snowboarding/skiing, video games, music, roller coasters and video games
9782081 Message  
Outdoors, chatting, music, reading, colouring, fishing, four wheeling, swimming and playing with my dog, Abby
Sarabi - 12  15623263 Message  
Music, MTV, playing the Sax, computers, hanging with friends, camping and fishing
21878607 Message  
Volleyball, swimming & chatting :-}
Double I J
22973431 Message  
Swimming, Nascar, computer games, scouting, soccer. I am homeschooled.
Chaela 10 28467592 Message  
Soccer, music, swimming, computer, football, running

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