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The Willow Way News
Added links to Alternative Answers, Kid's Kraze and Ready Reference. Also created new category of Pagan Place which includes all the links that were previously in Wiccan World.
For those who have had trouble with my menus I have put a Home link up which will bring you into the frame site. Again apologies for the length of time between updates. Life is pretty hectic at the moment. I'm more disappointed in myself than anyone else could possibly be :-}
The Web Decor thumbnails now open in their own window when you click on them.

Uploaded another new tube. Hopefully things will keep going as they are and I will have time to continue to update regularly.

Finally got something updated!!! Two new tubes are now on display in Web Widgets.

Apologies for the long period of time which has passed since I last updated.
Several things have prevented me from continuing my work here but now, hopefully, I can get back to it. As of now I've decided to tackle the growing navigational problems first by transferring my site to frames. I hope this doesn't inconvenience too many of you.

Added 'The River of Life' to Whispers

Updated Wanderings: Added Wiccan World and Web Builders categories and updated Graphics Galore, Alternative Answers and Scifi/Horror

Added some paintings to Willow's Wall and reorganized a little

Added a new page of flag tubes to Web Widgets

Added a text navigation bar to all pages related to Web Widgets plus several more tubes

Added a picture tubes page to Web Widgets

Added links to many Wanderings categories.

Added new background set and animated gifs to Web Widgets. I also reorganised a little.
The animated logo
is now HOME

Added new background set to Web Widgets


Added a drawing and essay section to Willow's Wall.

Removed If Wishes Were from the menu
until I can give it some attention

Added netstats to all pages

Signed up for the Poetic and Graphic/DTP Pods. Also signed up for Smartclicks banner exchange and added a tutorial section to Web Widgets


Joined webrings for Whispers and WebWidgets and added a guestbook to all pages