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denotes my choice/s from each category

Beginner's Basement

WebAccess - Great links for new user including Netiquette, free training course and tutorials.
Beginners Guide to the Internet - A well thought out and organised site. Simple to follow and includes a 5 minute tutorial.
Beginternet - Another well thought out site. New users should find help here.
Beginner's Central - A comprehensive help site.
Learn the Net - Many useful links, well organised and fairly easy to follow.
Nuggets for Newbies - Collection of useful links.
Chat for Beginners - This is a yahoo search result that lists some easy to use chats for newcomers.
HTML Goodies - A good selection of tutorials, tips and other things to do with HTML

Kid's Kraze

Funschool - A site for the little ones. Very educational and fun!
KidsCom - One of the best I've come across, very well organised and a varied choice of activities.
Cyberkids - This is a kids only site with heaps of fun things to do.
Stone Soup Magazine - a magazine by young writers and artists
Children's Software review - If you are looking for information relating to good software for the kids this isn't a bad place to start.
Goosebumps - A great site for fans.
Whole Pop Magazine Online - Includes greeting cards and an arcade plus more.
Kids Launching Pad - This is an index of kidsafe sites.
CyberMonkeys World - Very well organised web with a variety of subjects for kids.
Greatkids Network - You'll find plenty of fun stuff to do here, webisode, games, comic strip and lots more.
Kool Links for Kids - A great starting point for younger kids to see what's on offer, some very entertaining links.
The Kids on the Web - This is an on-going list of sites that offer information for and about kids.
Crayola - A fun site for the younger kids.
The ABC Playground - Highly recommended for the kids of pre-school age.

Ready Reference - Free online reference books on many subjects.
Britannica - the best websites, leading magazines, related books, and the complete Encyclopędia Britannica
The Kid's Almanac - Almanacs, dictionaries and encyclopedia for kids.
Electric Library Encyclopedia - Free articles from the Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. Extensive cross references and convenient links.
Dictionaries - A list of online dictionaries and thesauri.
Encyberpedia - Another reference site.
A Web of Online Dictionaries - A very comprehensive listing of available online dictionaries in many different languages.
StudyWeb - A place for anyone doing research to find the information they need as easily as possible.
The Nine Planets - Wonderful site about our solar system.
FastFacts 1998 - Alamanacs, Calenders & Time, People & Places, Weird News and many more categories to choose from.
Australia's Museums Online - National Directory linking 35 museums with records on Australia's heritage.
Gallery of Egyptart - A wonderful resource for those looking for Egyptian visual aids.
My Virtual Reference Desk - Extensive collection of links grouped under categories.
Encyclopedia Mythica - A good resource for information on myths, folklore and legends..
What do you want to know today? - For ancient history buffs who need a little help... there are a variety of choices here.
Popular Science - The official Web site of Popular Science Magazine.

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