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denotes my choice/s from each category

Graphics Galore

Virtual Library - Here you should find all you need to create web pages
Dream Artists - A lot of graphics and links.
FreeZone - Fantastic web with a huge selection of quality graphics.
Wallpaper Warehouse - A good selection of wallpapers for your desktop.
Colour Code Chart - supplies the html codes for 256 colour chart

Great Gifts
Cgreetings - Some pleasant little cards that appear in email - Choose from a wide range of categories
GreetingCards - Babies and kids are the main theme
YNot Postcards - Well organised and nice to look at
some very elegant pages here for all occasions weeks ahead of time
Blue Mountain Arts - Lots of cards etc for all occasions, a well organised sites.
Angel Free Greeting Cards World - The best site I have come across. A list of many of the card sites now currently on the internet. Excellent!!!
Greeting Cards by 123 Greetings - Cyber cards for all occasions
Go Greetings - I am a regular here.
Flowers - Cards or flowers sent through email.
Virtual Greetings - Another generous site
Postcards from the Bearypatch - Some cute cards here.

Game Arcades
Sabweb Arcade - Top game arcade including surfing, skiing and air rescue.
GameLand - These great shockwave games include piggy races, slot machines and slot car races.
Virtual Arcade - A true 'virtual arcade'. Many games to choose from. Top fun!!
Fun Planet - Great little spot for fun games including snake, blackjack and treasure hunt.
Gamesville - Simple games such as bingo and cards.
Virtual Vegas - Exactly what it says it is.
Shockrave - Some great little games as well as a variety of other items to explore. Check out the jigsaws.

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Posted 26 April 1999
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