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denotes my choice/s from each category

Alternative Answers (Also try Pagan Place)

Meditation Station - a good site for learning different meditation techniques.
Herbal Remedies - A well organized site with detailed information on numerous herbs.
Online Meditation Centre - many different meditation techniques. Well organized.
Herbal Healing - More detailed info listed under categories.
Agora - The Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives - A search engine for those paranormal interests.
Essential Solutions - A comprehensive site with excellent background information & resources.
Facade - Offers free readings in Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Biorhythms and more. Easy to navigate.
Tarot Cards - An informative site giving the meanings of all Major and Minor Arcana as well as the spreads.
Mystic Games - You can get free tarot and astrology readings here..
Avatarsearch - Another search engine relating to the paranormal or occult.
SpiritWeb - A very comprehensive site with a variety of content.
Indian Spirituality - A site that gives you insight into your animal totem and all that is related to that.
Reneal - A page with free essential oils recipes.
Metaphysic Healing - A good list of stones and their healing properties plus some related pages.
Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and more - A list of sites relating to the alternative.
The Fragrant Garden - Some very informative info here.
The Healing Power of Crystals - A collation of many informational text files on crystal and gemstone healing.
Amulets and Talismans - An alphabetical listing.
The Supernatural Realm - Attempts to answer some age-old questions.
Aromaweb - A very informative site about essential oils and their uses.

Pagan Place (also try Alternative Answers)
The Witches Voice - A huge site with all the information those following the path of wicca could ever want.
Shahla's Realm - Interesting information.
A Witches Grimoire - Well organised site about Wicca.
Wicca Freedom - A well organised site for newcomers to the Wiccan path.
Moonbutterfly's Magic Castle - Some very informative information on all things spiritual.
Catala's Wicca Page - Visually pleasant site, very well thought out.
Lucretia's Reflections - Wiccan page relating to the southern hemisphere.
The Magical Grove - A site for those looking for others to discuss Wicca.
Book of Shadows - Categorised site with good explanations and tools relating to Wicca.
Damiana's Wiccan Grove - A nice selection of information.
The Wiccan Circle - Another site dedicated to the study of Wicca.
ChocoVamp Witchysisters Pagan Forest - Easy to navigate wiccan site.
Mooncat's Directory - A site of links that is categorized into different areas of Pagan/Wiccan interests.
The Lord of The Rings Home Page - A well developed site dedicated to Tolkien.
Draconic Domains - A small list of other dragon sites
The Dragons Inn - A very cool online adventure game. - If you like dragons this site will keep you busy for ages.
Nations of Middle Earth - A comprehensive list of the beings who inhabit Tolkien's world.
Internet Fantasy, Horror, and SciFi TV Yellow Pages - Need I say more?
Lavendise - A true pleasure. Well worth a look if you like anything to do with fantasy.
Fantasy Realm Castle - Very nice. A good selection of fantasy graphics and such.

The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show - For all those die hard fans out there.
Ultimate, Biggest List of X-Files links - Comprehensive.
Stefan & Kathleen's: The Alternative Millennium - Another very creative site concerning the tv series.
The Cabinet of Dr Casey - Categorized pages relating to the horror genre in anything from games to the theatre.
Internet Fantasy, Horror, and SciFi TV Yellow Pages - Need I say more?
Horrornet - A site dedicated to providing horror fiction with exposure.
Science Fiction Resource Guide - Comprehensive listing of all scifi related topics eg lists, clubs, chats.
HorrorOnline - An Ezine with all the up-to-date info on the horror genre.
The SF Site - The homepage for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Well developed site covering a wide variety of scifi and fantasy subjects.
The Movie Posters Archive - Looking for old horror posters? Well here you just may find what you are looking for.
Trekkerville - For all those trekkies out there.

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