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Tech Talk
Winfiles - Used to be, lots of Win95 resources plus - Very well organised site to cater for all of your windows driver needs - Easy navigation.
The Copyright Website - This site endeavors to provide real world, practical and relevant copyright information. I find it very informative.
PC Magazine Online - A very useful site. - Anything you need to download should be here.
Windows95 Resources - Good collection of resources for '95 users.
PCWebopaedia - Comprehensive online encyclopaedia and search engine.
Mr Driver - For all your driver needs.
Web Site Garage - Web Site Garage provides you with the tools you need for a successful, effective Web site.

Simply Search
Hotbot - Allows you to search within the results of a previous search. Excellent if a little slow at times.
WorldPages - Find Anything, Anyone, Anywhere.
Northern Light - Here you can limit your search to pre-organised subject areas and customise searches. Good if you know what you are looking for.
Infoseek - This too allows you to search within results.
Magellan - Share Excite engine but restricts results more. Can search 'green light' (suitable for young people) sites.
Dogpile - Fast, configurable, limit by time.
Yahooligans - A great site for kidsafe surfing.
Profusion - Supports up to 12 search engines, can check links. Easy to use.
Anzwers - a good Australian search engine.
AvatarSearch - A very good search engine for those of you who have an interest in the occult.

Free Web Pages - A list of places you will find free space on the net. - A list of pages voted as the top100 of the net.
Nuthin but links - A very comprehensive list of links. Worth a look.
The Webring - This is the original webring. If you don't know where to start, this is the place. Easy surfing.
Crazy Flowers - A quirky site, well worth a look, you will enjoy what you see. Be patient.
Poetry Webring - Thousands of poems to be savoured, some better than others, but all worth a look.

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Posted 26 April 1999
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