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The River of Life

Hills and hollows, mountains and valleys,
the river of life carries us through.
One moment we're in a backstreet alley,
the next we're riding the clouds anew.

At times these summits appear to be unreachable,
the view from below distorted but sharp.
Despair becomes an enemy unimpeachable,
or so it seems to those in the dark.

Forgotten, though, is the river we travel,
always changing its course through the years.
Eventually the despair lifts to reveal
the heights we may reach if we dare.

The river continues throughout our lives
the lessons in pleasure and pain.
For it is through these that it contrives
to teach us how to be humane.

A Little Girl Dreaming

A little girl dreaming of flower filled valleys
of glistening lakes and elegant swans
Here... there... patches of white
grazing on the green.
Newborn lambs, soft and innocent...

A little girl reaches to offer caressing
a little lamb turns to stare
Braced in wonder a little girl sighs
and watches in delight...

A shotgun blast...
A door crashes to the wall...

The dream flees and in its place
with unhappiness on her face
"I'm sorry" she says " I'm sorry"
the bottle falling from her hand
"I didn't mean to" she pleads "I'm sorry"
And the little girl understands...

A woman dreaming of flower filled valleys
of glistening lakes and elegant swans
Here... there... are patches of white
grazing on the green.
Newborn lambs, soft and innocent...

A woman remembers...

The Lost One

Behind the light is dark
Behind the love is hate
Within the heart is boundless forgiveness
Within the mind is too much weight.

The weight of loss and sorrow and regret
The burden of hurt and anger and pain
Lost in a world of ghostly imaginings
Wondering "will it ever cease to rain?"

Finally, awakening to new found courage
Ultimately realising the desire of your soul
Shedding the burdens of all that had gone
Emerging once more from the cold.

Tides of Life

The tides are turning today
just as they did yesterday
and the day before
but today... today they return something once lost

You can hear it coming if you listen well
in the beating of the waves and the caress of the wind
The sun is finally piercing the storm
warming the cold places of the past
lighting the way home again.

It has been a long time coming
this special tide
but it is stronger for the wait.

The tides are turning today
just as they turned yesterday
and shall turn tomorrow
but today... today they bring me my soul.


The solidity of darkness surrounds
as embracing as the womb
so cocooned and anaesthetised,
we become too comfortable
the light fades further from our grasp
unrecognised as our key to evolution.

We prefer the shadows where knowledge disrupts
We bend our heads to circumstance without question
We alone who have the power allow it to bleed from our consciousness
unaware we have lost the battle.

Sunlight and Shadow

A blaze of light causes an answering harmony to ring through the hollows,
Suddenly filled with the sunlight and aromas of summer, the warmth spreads
rapidly ever outwards,
chasing the soulless shadows into memory
rending the shroud of hopelessness for eternity.
Releasing the spirit, once hidden and alone, to the freedom of the future.

Discordant harmonies disrupt the warmth and sunlight,
Winter encases the sun filled hollows, shadows emerge with strength,
No longer are they kept at bay, away from the spirit in need.
Grasping for those summer days, false light blinds
the souls belief in the promise of the future.

Healing souls emerge into the light once more,
Recognising the unity that had always existed,
Shadows of the past no longer warp the harmony.
Warm summer winds dissipate the lingering darkness and renew
a souls belief in the freedom of the future.

The Calling

The essence of life
the new for the old
constantly searching
exploring, reaching
a need to evolve

Discover the key
the courage to use it
a choice to be made
a life to be saved

Or grieve for the loss of unrealised dreams
now only seen in mirages of the past.

The Ultimate Masterpiece

In a glittering display of starbursts and echoes
you came into the world
with wise old eyes that knew too much
the tendrils of your soul clutched at mine and I was lost.

This little being I presented to the world,
an unknown canvas for my imaginings.
As you grew I witnessed my art
In progress, though it may be,
could see the masterpiece taking form

and was pleased.

If only......

Why is it that so many people
believe they have a say?
Or is it an obligation they sense
to place themselves in the way?

Who decides what is right and wrong,
how much is too much to bear?
If people are not hurting others
why should they even care?

If we as individuals
could come to accept the wonder
then those who search for battle
would be left with nothing to ponder.

Our world could then be united
to face the future as one
To live and learn together
would help us truly become...

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Posted 26 April 1999
Last Updated 20 October 1999

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