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Welcome to The Willow Way. At the moment you will find poetry, links, drawings and free graphics. Thank you for visiting and Happy Surfing! Oh, and could you sign the guestbook please.

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Rather than simply tell you about my family I have written a poem that pretty well sums everyone up. I hope you find it entertaining.

The Thompson Clan

I want to tell you a story
it's about the Thompson clan,
although the tale begins way back when
I'll start with Dave, my man.

Although hardworking, loving and dear
he can be a bit trying at times
but I would not be without him
after all he's my world's rhyme.

Then, of course, comes my Golden Girl
Samantha the sensitive and strong
Although we butt heads on a regular basis
we always discuss what went wrong

Now I must mention my Fairy Princess
Cassie the wise and the young
always so full of questions
it's difficult to still her tongue

Finally, we come to me
Sherrie the woman and child
although I try hard to do what's right
somehow it always goes wild

Put us together and we behave
just as most families do
but as long as we hold onto each other
we know our dreams can come true

So now we have come to the end of the story
continuing though it may be
my family makes up just one small part
of the perpetual Thompson journey.

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Posted 26 April 1999
Last Updated 20 October 1999

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